How To Buy And Sell Online?

Internet has grown into a big space for everything. Everyone’s living their life online these days and they expect everything online. This one is for them. We all know that this online shopping is not a new buzz. Everyone’s adopting it and it has emerged as a new and popular trend. It is very easy to use in fact. Likewise we have the internet to sell our stuffs too. I am going to write about this in this one.

Buy and Sell online?

Question? Yea, you may ask this if you are very new and alien to online shopping and ecommerce. But if you see through it, you’ll realize that this is not very hard or unsafe. You’ll love it after getting inside as you can buy or sell anything you need while lying on your bed, with ease. In this we are going to see a demo like sell you bicycles for free here . You can buy lots of stuffs online and many online shopping sites now provide facilities that you’d love. In the same way, you can sell your small things that you don’t need any more. In fact, one (like me) likes to sell their stuffs for money rather than buying new ones online. I mean, selling is more fun than buying online. Well, this doesn’t seem like a guide. Is it? When you have no idea to buy or sell anything online, there I say selling is fun.


How to buy?

There are many online shopping sites these days on the web. Everyone knows about that and I think there’s no one who doesn’t know how to buy things online. But I am writing this for some desperate ones who don’t know that. Ok. Let us assume that you are in a shopping site (We are not gonna be specific here). When you are there, you need to find your stuff to buy it! So you can use search function like in all/many other websites/portals (or) you can browse through the site using their menus. After all, you found the thing now! So you get inside it and read its specifications. When you are sure about that product, click “Buy Now” button. It should be somewhere very clear to your eyes. Then it’ll get you to the shopping cart where you’ll be given the total amount to be paid and shipping details. Then you need to give your account and address details. Then go to next page. Then you will probably find the payment section where the site asks you your payment option. Choose from any like COD, Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking, etc. For a newbie shopper, I recommend cash on delivery option (COD). After that click pay button. If you are paying through any cards/online banks, be more cautious. That’s all! You’ve bought a thing online! You now need to wait for few days as mentioned by the merchant and then you’ll get your goodie!

How to sell?

This is another side of the coin I can say. As I said before, I like this part more than buying online. I like to sell thing online and I do that frequently for fun. Recently I sold my old cell phone on a site. Okay. Now do you want to sell anything online. Then you need to find a spot for that. You can search for that using a search engine. Once you found it, you need to list the product that you want to sell. In this case, to sell your bicycle, name the listing using the word like “Selling my Bicycle”. Then add right description to it like specifying the info about its condition and its features. Then add some images of it. People prefer original images rather than the ones downloaded from the web. So use the real ones. Then you need to publish your listing. People will contact you if they are interested in buying your bicycle. Until that, you need to wait.

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