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WhatsApp as we know is a instant mobile messaging platform. Its recently acquired by the social network giant Facebook. Its good to have your WhatsApp in your PC right? Definitely, if you are a all time WhatsApp user and if a fan. The app is available for all mobile OSes.. but here”s for your Windows PC! WhatsApp is my favorite too and ok… here is the trick to use WhatsApp in your PC.


Running WhatsApp with Intel AppUp:

  1. You for this, will need this app: Intel AppUp (Click here).
  2. After downloading and installing, search for “WhatsApp”with the search.
  3. Then it will download the WhatsApp from Google Play Store.
  4. It then installs the same on your PC and soon the app will be ready to use.
  5. That”s all! Have fun with your WhatsApp friends now even while on your PC!

So I hope it was useful one for you.. There”s other ways of using WhatsApp on PC too.. But I consider this one as the most effective. Check out my other tricks and how-to guides and feel free to ask any questions regarding this.

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