10 Amazing Features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become the staple of our, the smartphone users, lives. Messaging has become easier and except for one-time data charge which includes internet usage as well, we are not asked to pay for those innumerable messages that we send on a daily basis. Text messages have a limit, but on WhatsApp, we are free. But there are some amazing features which can enhance your experience of using WhatsApp. Take a look.

1. Broadcasting Messages:

You can send one message to multiple users using the Broadcast feature. On Chats page, tap on the button next to New Message button. Select New Broadcast List and create one if you have not till now. After that, you will be able to send your message to multiple users.

2. Change Status:

To do this, go to Chats window and tap on the button next to New Message button. Tap on Status and type in your status.

3. Send photos/Videos/Audio Recordings:

In the message window of the user whom you want to send the media, tap on the clip icon on top and select what you want to send.

4. Choose/Edit profile Picture:

In the Chats window, tap on the button next to New Message button. From the menu, choose Settings. Then tap on Profile and you will see your profile picture to be blank. Pick a photo from your album or click on then and there and adjust the size and you have a profile picture.


5. Create Conversation Shortcuts:

For this, go to the chat window of your friend whose shortcut you want to create. Tap the button next to the attachments button. Select More from the drop-down menu. Another menu will give an option of Add Shortcut. Tap on it and voila! There is a shortcut on your home screen of the selected conversation.

6. Send Messages Using Return/Enter Key:

Go to Chats window. Hit the button next to New Message option. Then select Chat Settings from next menu. There you will see the top option to be “Enter is Send”. Check the box next to the text. Now, your Enter/Return key will display “Send” instead of that down-and-left arrow.

7. Backup of Conversations:

Go to Chats window and tap the button on top right just below the Notifications bar of your device. Select Settings from the drop-down menu. On the next page, select Chat Settings. On the next screen, above Delete All Conversations, there is a button of Backup Conversations. If it is on, it will show the last backup taken of your conversations.

8. Sharing WhatsApp Photos:

All photos you receive on WhatsApp get saved on your device. To access them, go to your phone”s file manager, choose WhatsApp, then tap Media and choose WhatsApp Images folder and all images you received will be there. Choose them and share them with your friends on Facebook. It might also be the case that those images end up among photos on your device. It will only make your job easy.

9. Changing Wallpaper:

Go to Settings and tap Chat Settings. You will find the option of wallpaper there. Pick one and see how your bland WhatsApp conversations background comes alive.

10. Send Conversation History to Anyone:

To do this, go to conversation you want to share. tap the button next to Attachments option. In the drop-down menu, select More. In the next menu, an option of Email Conversation will appear. Tapping on it will make WhatsApp turn the entire conversation and media shared into an e-Mail. Send this e-Mail to anyone you wish to.

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