Bulk SMS service: An economical means to advertise brand name

Who does not want to advertise their brand and who does not want to be economical at the same time? In today’s age, where anything and everything is on sale, there is a constant need to be economical & effective because the business mantra has evolved. Everybody wants to be cost effective without compromising on the quality standards, be it a buyer or a seller, the intent remains the same. These days when the media is getting costlier by every minute, the innovation of bulk messaging software is a boon to the market.

We are all aware about SMS service but bulk SMS service is the brainchild of our evolving marketing and advertising needs. Rather than informing a piece of information to a group individually, various software packages have been introduced into the market which does the same thing in the multiples of thousands and lacs at the same time through a SMS gateway India. Yes, these software packages broadcasts a single message to hundreds and thousands mobile users within the same time frame and if you think that this impressive technology would eat out the biggest pie of your advertisement budget then read on to know about the best part.


If we talk about other advertisement options say television, FM radios, outdoor media (hoardings etc) or other promotional activities, they does not bring out the value for money for all the advertisers from small or medium sized enterprises. Such mediums are not pocket friendly at all to start with, even if they have good coverage and visibility. Moreover such mediums are largely used by those industries which have the target audience ranging from 10 years to 50 years of age, their target group is huge but a small or medium enterprise that has a very selective and defined target segments needed a technology like Bulk SMS which could actually cater to the pre-defined set of relevant clients or customers.

Bulk SMS can be of two types; text message and voice message or Bulk voice call India, which means either a text message can be spread out to large recipients or a pre-recorded  voice message can be sent. It is a volume game, more the recipients less the charges; hence it is getting popular amongst marketing strategies of various corporate houses. The reasons what makes this an economical option are:

  • Affordable
  • No hidden costs
  • Extensive reach
  • Effective approach
  • Personalization

This service has got a channel or a platform known as SMS gateway India, just like payment gateways these days. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) authorized gateways ensures the genuine dealing and authentication to prevent any kind scam or loss of data. Bulk voice call India again is an option to choose out of the two, as adding just a minimal cost to the text message cost, one can make a better analysis of the promotional activity done because this activity gives the facility to read and record the response of the recipients also.


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