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Samsung is one of the biggest brands that launches its flagship phones at a special launch platforms. Soon after the launch of its latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5, all the focus is set on its new upcoming mobile phone that is Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. Many rumours are in the market regarding the specifications, price, release date and expected features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device.

Here is all the latest news related to Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date and price

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is in the news soon after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. Looking at the launch dates of Samsung Galaxy Note series released till date, experts advice that that the phone may be launched between 5th-10th September 2014 at IFA trade fair in Berlin, Germany.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 screen

Screen size is one of the main outlook feature that is considered by almost everyone before buying a new mobile device. The first Samsung Galaxy Note device was launched with a 5.3 inches screen size. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was released with a 5.5 inch screen display. Last year launched Samsung Galaxy Note 3 came with a display screen size of 5.7 inch. According to this increasing screen size every year, this year Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was expected to be comprising of a 5.9 inch display size. But Sammy discarding all these rumours confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be having a cool screen size of about 5.7 inch only which will be easy to carry in hand.

While talking about the screen, Note 3 was supporting well a super Amoled screen which did great. So Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may also support a super Amoled display. But according to latest news, Samsung may give a PLS LCD display with this device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Chip Architecture

It was lately confirmed by the sources that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be coming with a 64 bit architecture instead of 32 bit architecture. It also announced that all the upcoming models by this brand will be tried to launch with this 64 bit architecture chipset only.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Design

After the launch of a curvy TV by Samsung, it is very well expected that Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a curvy display which will bring a new design and competition in the market. Though, the design is still not out, but we may expect that Samsung will bring a unique shape and design with its new flagship model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera

Camera is one of the main features of the device. Some of the rumoured sites in the market told that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature a 20 MP camera. But according to latest sources, the device is expected to be having only a 16 MP primary camera with a 3 MP secondary camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might well as compete with the Samsung Galaxy S6. “Let’s See who wins”

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