Further Benefits to Structured Data Cabling for your Business

We have already discovered that with the right data cabling strategy for your business, you can benefit from both faster data speeds as well as the pleasure of experiencing less down-time. Besides these two major advantages, there are several other benefits that are just as equally important when it comes to turning your business into the best that it can be. We firmly believe that the decision to implement structured data cabling strategies should be understood as an investment that has your business’ best interest at heart.

Easy to Manage

The simcomms.co.za engineers perfectly understand just how frustrating it can be having to untangle a number of cables that have decided to have a little party in your absence, a task that can turn even the nicest of people into monsters. This is one of the main reasons why it is greatly beneficial to invest in a single structured cabling infrastructure. After a performing a cabling audit, our engineers would complete their magic and transform your cabling nightmare into an easy to manage, organised structure, you will find that the dreaded task of changing or adding cables will now become a walk in the park.


Future Made Easy

When it comes to the site survey process, we do more than simply assess which system would best suit your business. We also take into account the specific needs of your business, as well as the future goals and data cabling needs attached. Our data cabling strategies focus on your future objectives, making it easy to add and upgrade your data cabling design as you see fit.

Peace of Mind

We pride ourselves on not only offering the perfect data cabling solutions for your situation, but also the added bonus of peace of mind. With only the best when it comes to data cables, with premium quality that we are proud to back by warranties lasting up to twenty years, you will feel both comfortable and proud of your setup.


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