Similarto New Search Engine For Finding Similar Websites

It often happens to us – when we need some similar services to a popular service. Remember Picnik? This used to be a photo editing service long before the selfie era came and the service has finally closed themselves down on 2013. However, the service was popular among the teens and people who wouldn’t want to go through the hassles of retouching photos at the core parameters level. Picnik would just retouch any photo at single click – reason why the service was so popular.

And when Picnik was closed, it was a long haul boring job to find out a new alternative for the service. People need search engines that would simply locate if any other similar websites or services exist online; and Google isn’t much helpful really at this aspect. To fulfill that requirement, was introduced.


Features was solely developed for searching similar websites online. It would come very useful for those who want to look for an alternate to some existing service; or maybe even to locate a copycat website. The search engine crawlers would go through websites and record their data into different parameters. These data then would be sorted out and the similar ones would be presented in the result page according to serial. The most similar websites would make it to the top.

A search could be initiated using keywords or actual titles. To make it easier for the users, every website listing in the results would have a brief description next to it and more information would be available under the ‘more info’ button.

Summary is a new service and the database is not much richer yet. However, the developer team has shown excellent work improving their search engine and refining the few bugs it had during the beginning. We would certainly hope you would try the service out soon.


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