KAPSYSTEM – Bulk SMS Reseller Program in India

What is a Reseller?

“A reseller is an company or individual that sells to an end-using buyer for a profit, in their own name, as an authorised agent of the retailer.“

KAPSYSTEM is looking for partners throughout the in India and invites you to be part of the growing Bulk SMS Industry. KAPSYSTEM has the technical expertise, year of experience and service quality to offer an exciting business opportunity. Sell SMS”s through a choice of powerful Bulk SMS Reseller packages. You can own your own Bulk SMS Company, and take advantage of a dynamic and growing industry. 

Why want to become a KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS Resellers

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Resale with your own brand name. Our Brand is not published
  • Sell the SMS at your own rate and make higher profits
  • State of the art 24X7 technological support
  • You can further create sub Reseller and they can further create resellers

Key Features of KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS Resellers

  • Send SMS from a easy to use website
  • Create your own reseller and customers and manage them
  • Fully Branded White Labelled website which lets to promote your own brand
  • Support messaging globally.
  • Existing business relationship with all telecom operators will ensure hassle free and seamless service experience
  • No technical commotion to resellers, 24×7 support provided, Easy SMS API

Bulk SMS Reseller

White-label Solution

Rebrand our platform as your own

  • Our Bulk SMS Resellers portal is a powerful SMS marketing tool and we are able to white label this for your customers. This means that your customers will see our platform rebranded with your corporate identity, ensuring customer loyalty to you.
  • Through the white labelled portal or bulk sms reseller program, your customers can send bulk texts simply, effectively and cheaply, and manage their own business through the fantastic statistics, This will increase customer confidence and loyalty. No other provider offers resellers this first-class service.

For further assistance mail to info@kapsystem.com or call on +91 9738010000

To test the service or free demo, kindly refer this URL – https://kapsystem.com/freedemo1.php


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