Micromax A1 vs Spice Dream Uno

There were rumors about Google closing up its Nexus program which was purely designed to promote stock version of Android software and with each new Nexus smartphone a new version of Android came out.  But Nexus devices didn’t helped Google to gather people who are always looking for low-end device due to any reason. So the AndroidOne came out which is the latest program from Google factory which purely dedicates towards providing best stock Android user experience at a very low-end price. Result out of this program is three new smartphones manufactured by Micromax, Spice and Karbonn. Out of these three the main competition is between Micromax and Spice AndroidOne devices and I’m sharing here a complete detailed comparison between those two.

In starting itself I should agree to the point that finding a clear line of difference between these two smartphones isn’t possible because hardware and software are almost identical as these things were handled by Google itself. But still there are some particular things which can help you choose best among them.

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Micromax A1 vs Spice Dream Uno – Comparison

Well first thing here which I’d like to discuss is the name of these two phones. For me and for every user, remembering and speaking name of Micromax one is easier than Spice one. I know it’s a little thing but still it plays a vital role in setting up a buzz around the market.



Hardwares of both these phones were manufactured by Micromax and Spice, individually but complete plan was designed and managed by the Google itself. While planning of these phones, Google’s main motive was to keep everything standard and make these devices compatible with current and future coming Android software versions.

Front part of both devices are very identical and you’re not going to find any branding which further makes them look alike. But rear side had a clear difference.

Micromax houses its Camera and LED unit on a metal frame which gives a very unique look which is also elegant (according to me) while Spice just added it simply. Rest, rear side got branding in between and identical looking loudspeaker beneath. Volume Rockers and power button are on right side in both devices while micro SIM and microSD card slots can be accessed after opening the back cover.

Personally I found design gimmick of Micromax A1 impressive because of that one unique thing they attempted while Spice Dream Uno also got same elegant design. But that unique thing wins the race.


Both devices are powered by same MediaTek MT6582 chipset on top of which quad-core 1.3GHz cortex A7 processor had been added along with Mali-400 GPU, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. The storage can be expanded up to 32GB via microSD card and there is nothing unique in any of the devices.


Both devices run on stock version of Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS which is the second latest available version of the Google software. Google had also promised that both these devices will receive software updates for at least two years which at least make them compatible with freshly released Android Lollipop.

Micromax A1 comes with Amazon and MLive apps while Spice Dream Uno comes with Spice Cloud and Flipkart apps and all other apps are from Google. So you’re not going to find any bloatwares. Performance of both devices is up to the same mark and it’s really hard to find which particular one crosses the mark first.


Google’s standard was 4.5inch FVGA display and both got the same but the Micromax one had got IPS panel which had marked a slight difference when it comes to viewing angles and display quality.

The displays of both devices are good and impressive at the price point they are being offered but the winner here is off course Micromax Canvas A1.


On both devices you have to add microSD card otherwise you won’t be able to capture pictures since Camera isn’t allowed to access internal storage. Both devices got 5MP rear and 2MP front camera while rear camera got LED flash, face detection, touch focus and auto focus like features.

It’s again hard to find a mark of differences among the performance of camera part of these two. Both were able to capture good pictures in better lighting conditions and I think that’s what you should comprise at this price point.

Wrap up

As a normal user, it’s really hard to mark a line between these two smartphones but as a tech geek, I can recommend my readers to go for Micromax Canvas A1 because of its unique look (rear side only) and slightly better display. Rest I leave on best of your decision making senses.


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